Thursday Night MashOut


- The Fat Jew Gets Open at Anchor Bar on Thursdays for Wooden Nickles and Complex Carbs



- Things Start Getting Loose at when Frog pumps up the volume...

- DJ DANCESWITHWHITEGIRLS Mashing up the Crank at Studio@Webster hall


Grumpy Old Kanye West with The Lollipop clan in gay paris...

Look at grumpy Kanye. It is such a chore to be a celebrity mucking about in dreary ol' Paris (I hear it is simply dreadful in the Winter months). I don't know who took this picture, but im into the fact that it exists...

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I really think Kanye could use a break from being a music empressario and overall asshole - he looks depressed. Maybe one of his elves can give him hug??

Touching Back Down in Old New York...


Back from a spell in the Sierra Madres and some time in the Mountains of Colorado, I am rejuvenated. Touching down into Manhattan i am strangely invigorated by the signs of New York fast becoming the city i once loved - the city of recession and angst i once knew and always missed. Just like the rest, NY got High on free-money and eager to build bigger, better and more than the rest, now I see New York City's signs of duress in the form of closed stores, astronomical sales and despondent faces. A new President is a sign of hope (to many), but there is little than be done for the inevitable decline of abundant (illusions) of prosperity in New York - much moreso in some of the lands I have seen in my absence.


New York is about to get a little uglier than some have known it to be in the recent past, a habitat known-well by my merry band of miscreant friends and native associates. Guard your grill, stay sharp and don't bat an eye. Or, you could just hightail it back to the suburbs, which I would recommend to the out-a-town crowd...

I am back in NEW YORK, about to get into the muck and grind it out with the rest of 'em. Let's weed-out the weaklings, so that those who fly-high shall prosper and shine...

Re-Run the Dinkins Era, for serious...


Gone Fishin' (in Mexico) . . .




"double cheese" - pancho (our guide y compadre)


Bass Fishing at Lake El Salto, Mexico - - Ask about me?

Pescados Grande Todo Lo Dia