Dock Ellis & His Notorious No-Hitter on LSD

i was digging around for footage of Dock Ellis' No hitter (which, seems to not exist on the web) and found this animated short by some artiste named James Blagden. the clips pretty funny, the story is EPIC and true. Dude pitched a No-Hitter on a head full of LSD in 1970, definitely the most notorious drug enduced sports moment. I mean, it makes sense that pitchers in the eighties could bring the heat on a face full of cocaine, but tripping on acid? That's bananas... I mean, Never has a NY Met even thrown a No-No (ever), and this guy did it tripping his face off on LSD and a gaggle of other stimulants. Dock Ellis was a gentleman and a scholar, and a boss. No question.

Team Facelift :: Paid 2 Rage


Team Facelift
(duck down) played a short-set at an underage rave this weekend on Manhattan Island. The show was pretty amusing, harkening back to our own days of underage raves/rage. The room was literally boiling over at about 99 degrees - making for a sweat-drenched affirmation that the Facelift gang is in fact, Paid2Rage (and for an early exit, I'm too damn old for that sort of swelter)...

Here's a LINK to their new track, titled (you guessed it) Paid to Rage. Look out for their upcoming album of the same title, out soon on Duck Down Records...


M.Ronson : Circuit Breaker :: N.E.S. Nostalgia for Days (8-bit goes pop)...

via Stereogum
This track might not be Mark Ronson's best (or brightest), and it definitely could use a hook (or some vocals), but what the song lacks in innovation, it makes up for with this rad Zelda-inspired video. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album (out in Sept), as it's bound to have some bangers mashed-in. Nerd Alerts all day, but that has yet to stop me from indulging my own need for NES Nostalgia now and again. If only dude would stop talking with that phony (Madonna-esque) Brit-accent - aren't you from New York (asshole)? And for the record, I think Diplo's 8-bit banger on FabricLive was a bit more gangster, which I believe was aided (or "borrowed") from my college neighbor (Jesse Novak AKA Tugboat) who was making this music 8-years ago - his 8-bit shit is FIRE, though he has since moved-on to new sounds...

Philly Fans Get Tased (they should be tranquilized)

Gotta love a lazy cop, had to hit the kid with a taser gun to avoid further embarrassment, I mean the kid was a tiny 17 year old (clearly piss drunk or mentally retarded), they definitely could have just bodied him after a few more bobs and weaves - but I'm not complaining, this is some GOOD TV - especially if you're a partially embittered Mets fan.

UPDATE: Another Stupid Phillies Fan Runs on Field Gets Tased A DAY LATER He also, had a bag of weed on his person (most likely some BC bullshit), what a goon, everybody knows you always give your drugs to a friend before you do something reckless...


Dipset Back in the, Back in the, Building :: DIPSET ANTHEM

This song always gets me open, New York City fight music, (or Crunk Muszik, whatever works for you slang-jockies) - definite Anthem status in the streets. Here's a link to Cam and Jimmy Blah Blah Blah-ing about getting the band back together. I just wanna hear a new DipSet Mixtape - fuck an album... until then, Diplomatic Immunity all-day, Grand-DADdd...


The Black Keys "Next Girl" :: Rust Belt Video Hoes = Dino-Tsaurus

As far as low-rent videos go, this one does the trick. It remains to be seen whether or not the Black Keys got pushed into releasing it by the label (as it states in yellow in the video), but what do I care? The vid adds a bit of brevity to a track by a chronically moody group, and the song has that hammering blues-groove that made their earlier Rubber Factory so fresh despite its throw-back nostalgia (less-so (fresh) in more recent records). This is like the Rust Belt equivalent of a rap video, seeing how they have become the darlings of the rap-game the past few years (see BlakRoc) I'm sure their new-found friends will co-sign the swagger of this skin-filled clip. #SEXSELLSRECORDS