Lindsay Lohan Saga via Taiwan

This is definitely the only way I would reference the Lindsay Lohan nonsense. The Taiwanese know how to tell a story without getting bogged down in facts, or details. I must say, the prison shower-scene is pretty entertaining...


Cee-Lo "Fuck You"

No Radio, no problem this shit is viral, and I'm sure the club with except this anthem with open arms (which means some lame call and response scenarios will be rampant on the dancefloors.) Cee-lo sorta slays it, while proving "Fuck You" just doesn't ring-out like it used to. Fuck you very much - here's a song about it.\

50-Centavo flipped a freestyle over it. HERE


Guns N' Roses "You Could Be Mine"

This might have been the perfect marriage of edgy/popular nineties culture. The video is an EPIC testament to the best the early 90's had to offer, and the song has that raw nineties aggression that made Guns bigger than the rest of 'em. Too bad Axl lost his voice, (and his mind). Slash might not own the name, but he got out alive, with his dignity intact. I guess I'm on a nineties RAWK kick right now, but really, I will never stop feeling this video, or T2 for that matter - they always stand-up over time... long live vintage G'n'f'n R (I'd link them, but there's no way I can sign-off on that Chinese Democracy crap (stop kidding yourself, it's OVER).


A case of Asian Animation trumping American Reality...

via YouJustCaughtVD
To paraphrase: "J-Woww has the biggest boobs,.. Snooki has political opinions"

Mannequins: Permanent Creepy (remember the movie?)

This pic reminded me of that fine piece of 80's schlock. Definitely, wouldn't hold up in today's market. Just too creepy/implausible. Oops, I gusss i was wrong, just noticed there are plans to remake with Zac Effron. FAIL. I guess all the great stories have already been told, so we're left with Effron in "Mannequin: The Final Chapter." \

PS Mannequin would be a good name for a gay boy band (like the American Menudo).


Mad Decent Block Party (PO PO X Ninjasonik x DJ Sega)

Mad Decent decended on the seaport, white riot with the ninjas and Po Po. Slid by the clipboard courtesy of a 2ndhand wristband, slinked thru to the next level of security to smoke with the homies backstage. I was just in time for po po, which was the idea (diggin their low-fi rawk). Easy breezy, show was dope. Ninjasonik got it popping, but they cuss too much (so sayeth the meaty bouncers). Bosco delrey was heard, mad distortion, the kidz love that shit. Dj sega murdered for a minute, and jasmine solano got on with Max Glazer right before before dusk. Free booze, Good Tunes, Dry Heat, Hot times in the durrty city. All without a "riot"...


po po

dude from po po has that Cheech Born in East LA thing goin...







bosco delrey

dj sega

If you're feeling these flicks, or were there and wanna re-live the glory KINGTEXAS took some great flicks of MDBP

Mad Decent Freebies:: link to Po Po's free BUMMER SUMMER mixtape


Observational Humor / Downtown, Clowns (gangs of 3)

the "Kids" Generation (tourists) - points for 40s in broad-daylight


in 28 years I've never seen the NYPD so focused on the task at hand.

Trouble Andrew "Lay it Down" (remix feat. GLC & Stunnaman)

26 lay it down remix by Rock Steady
Some piff from the Trouble Gang, this track's been on repeat in my headphones for a few weeks now, (along with "BMF" & "Salute" in case you were wondering what's good [rap's back jack]). Stunnaman slays it at the end (welcome to the movie) - good high vibe, fly on a bike ride.

Get the Trouble Gang Mixtape vol. 1 Fo FREEE HEARRR


SLUTLUST: Loco Communications

photo by OJ
Check-out the homie OJ's (aka Slutlust) blog. He's running and gunning in these city streets. A true loco local, he's a native of NYC and a soldier in the streets. His commentary on the state of social affiars in NYC always entertains. Far more enjoyable than the out-of-town snark-merchants OD-ing on the interweb, we got perspective on these city streets, (you just have your first walk-up apartment). Give it a spin. The Trip-P Gang is making moves on this web of inequity...


Tucker's Point, VT

Tucker's Point, VT
a moment of silence in the green lands...

The Powers of KATSU

I stumbled across this little ditty put together by the homie Nick Poe and his dudes at Red Bucket Films. Simple, cool and well-executed, an homage to Charles and Ray Eames; "Powers of Ten," the short provides a commentary on scale and perspective - enlisting the work of graf writer Katsu to make it a little more accessible, a bit more street. (I'll let myself out, if i'd used the term "urban," I'd have hung myself )


Hipster Dads are EVERYWHERE...
Seen this dad from a mile away in the LES, super hip, soo asian, so I flick-it-up (not mad, dad) - Definitely a cut above "flip-flop/day-trader dad" and "angry sporty dad," where are all these fucking babies coming from (like, for serious) STROLLER STREETS...