Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love"

This track is crack. Laid back 80s lounge lizard stee - premium saucy. Robert Palmer was a sincere boss. RIP.

Florence and the Machine have a FLY cover of "Addicted to Love" circulating the interwaves FREE DOWNLOAD HERE


I Learned it from watching you, DAD...

Nostalgia. I liked drug commercials back in the eighties, when they weren't depressing, I guess it's weirder that I liked drug commercials at all when I was little. I always thought it was funny how phony they were.


Wiz Khalifa "In the Cut" [video]

Wiz Khalifa is slaying the game right now, touring the country, making moves and dropping collabos with all the right people (including "Superhigh" with ROSS). Dude is definitely putting Pittsburgh on the map, which hasn't had anyone rep the city with a swagger since the "the Lumber Company" days of the Pirates in the 70s. Keep shining, keep smoking; roll them doobies up...


Kings of Leon "RADIOACTIVE"

This is the first single of Kings of Leon's upcoming album, "Come Around Sundown"(due 10.19). I'm feeling the song, not sure how I feel about the video (contrived, yes. but well-done nonetheless). The black children running gleefully with a band of whiteboys is a little much if you ask me (kinda like an ad for 2010 WorldCup), but it will fly. I guess the gospel chorus somehow ties it all together? Either way, these Kings are following the meteoric success of their last album with a banger, and for me that's all that matters. This is some fiery driving music, get me my car keys, Jeaves...


Cee Lo Green "FUCK YOU"

This song is so viral it almost makes me sick (close to 10 Mil. views in a month?). However, you gotta love how Cee Lo knowingly dropped a track with a vulgar hook so infectious, that even mainstream radio couldn't ignore it - the radio edit I heard whilst in Cali was absolute trash, you can't edit a song like this, it just has to live on the web. So, "fuck you," not you Cee Lo, you're slaying-it right now.


50 Cent "Many Men (Wish Death)"

In honor of 50's recent destruction of the Tweet Machine ( so sincere). Follow 50cent now if you haven't already, he drops gems, hilarity ensues...