The PRODIGY invade NYC - I did NOT die

THE PRODIGY came back "across the pond" to NYC for the first time in a long-menudo . The Show was undeniably EPIC and the group have NOT lost a step, begging the question, what are they on (not important, as they still RAGE with RECKLESS ABANDON). Check out The Prodigy's new album Invaders Must Die, an aggressive testament to big bass belligerence. nor have they stopped bringing both the "poison" and "the remedy" to the party - i couldn't help it, that song was my first electro jam on tape (yup, somewhat OG), back when the kids called it "techno" - ick...

The Prodigy's electronic extravagence and thumping mega bass blasting - combined with a dizzying strobe menagerie, heavy guitar riffs and the wall of sound at Roseland and you have an angst-filled-rager that would have made Michael Alig proud. Also, The Prodigy's NYC invasion could not have been more timely, as the other PRODIGY (mobb deep) is stuck in the pen for a little longer - avoiding any confusion over which Prodigy would show-up.

LONG LIVE THE BASS - god save the Nineties...

Christian Rich "Countdown" [to] keeping it funky with a String Quartet...

Christian Rich
played a short set at the Studio@Webster Hall this Saturday for a sparse crowd of devotees and drifters (myself included). While the show was heavily under-promoted by "da club (promoter)," C. Rich kept it real and kept it moving - playing a tight little ditty with a string-quartet. Having done tracks with everyone from Jeezy to Team Facelift to Armand van Helden to Weezy, Christian Rich is primed to make big moves in 2009.

Check out this little viddle of a video of "countdown" to get a glimpse of what C. Rich is rocking-with for the live sets...


I feel safe in New York City: Guard Your Grillz, Summer's coming...

In all my years flying in and out of NYC, I can't remember ever getting this kind of view from the plane. Yes, the city at night is a fine view especially for the tourists and transient locals, but seeing nYc in the golden spring sun was a fine reminder of just how fucking epic New York is, especially after a 24 hour layover in the industrial wasteland section of San Antone.

aerial new jork

aerial citi

Citi Field is looking pretty fly from above, psyched for the start of the Mets season - though the tkts are getting pret-ty 'spency. Made-off with the Wilpon's money too, it would appear...


SXSW 09 - Mr. Noobs' wild ride through the radio...

Here's a little ditty from my trip to the Texas, South by South Fest was turned into Kanye West's play ground for a week, none of which i attended, by choice, and a need to see something fresh (not in that "I wear bright colors" stee). However, Kanye and his damage control definitely paid some dues, as many spindly hip journalists instantly changed fiddle when they heard they might meet the man. Whatever, i don't hate, i just think Kwest is annoying, and increasingly, so is his music. I did see Metallica (fuckin' epic, brah), one of the three "suprises" of this year's SXSW (along with Jane's at Hefs, which sadly i missed (boo hoo)).... Anyhow, this is what i saw down in the desert (the texas jewel that is Austin). Sans Metallica flicks, which i forewent as i was in need of a respite from said 18-hour tours of duty.

if you ask me, there is no way for one person, or even one outlet to cover southby proper. However, if you know what you like you can basically move through it pretty seamlessly, walking through the Southby insanity like it's a radio, walking in and over and out of whatever you like, provided you have some creds, or some money, or a whole lot of friends in Austin. Good looks and more hooks at WWW.CHINASHOPMAG.COM


JESUS? Was it really St. Paddy's Day





St. Paddy's Day fallout on the UES. I feel like the sun made things a little less debauched, at least for the day time hours. I just saw some drunken mickelson almost get hit by a car, and he didn't even notice. He just kept stumbling...

Happy St. Paddy's Day, have a potato, on me...


Who's Got that N.A.S.A.?? America's Collide in a Musical Mashterpiece

North America South America, OR N.A.S.A. as they are more commonly known are my new favorite source of unlikely mash-ups and electronic (musical) indulgences - the genuine article. How Else could they get everyone from the RZA, to Tom Waits, Kanye and Sizzla, and even music-snobbish Davis Byrne to collaborate on their tracks??

Their new Album, "The Spirit of Apollo" is fire, cover to cover. Unfortunately, it was hard to search their name for freebies, I was actually forced to Buy at Best...
they are popping-off Tonight AT Le Poisson Rouge

click for tails


Signals and Symptofiers


Not to harp on this "economic down-turn" or anything all-too obvious, but the streets Downtown are already getting "cutty" circa Dinkin's New York - without the open-air heroin trade and all the garbage in the streets (but many more Euros), naturally.


Signs that it is TIME TO GRIND: Recessionary Tactics


As a rule, I NEVER take pictures of the homeless, I'd rather exploit most other sects of society (who have something to lose, and aren't on their last legs) for my creative dealings. Dude was so out of it, that he just wandered into the frame (to relieve himself on this vacated Public Library across from MoMA, naturally) while i snapped the photo. What can ya do? Everybody is a smug hypocrite some of the time. Also, i think it made for a much better picture. It's my birthday, indulge me.


GHETTO METAL getting busy at SXSW - Bun-B, and B.o.B. Included

Click the link to peep the line-up and for more about Bazaar Royale and his GHETTOMetal Movement. I'll be there to rage in the cage (Texas-style, spurs and all that) with Bazaar, BUN-B, Rick ROSS, B.o.B. - getting open in Austin and hitting the streets guerilla-style. Find me at South By, and I will buy you an ice-cream cone (nay, homo).

Stay-tuned for more updates about SXSW - there will be BLOG...