"Live Fast Die" - GG Allin (Troubled Troubadour of The Bowery)

GG ALLIN Was an O.G. shock rocker/ a testament to excess and a raving MANIAC. He was "all in" always. My first exposure to his raging repertoire was in 9th grade, when I saw a video of his live show circa '90 (?) - a show when he subsequently shat on stage, rolled around in his own feces (butt naked) all the while shrieking punk music, only to bolt down the the bowery (still completely naked, Bowery still completely gutter at the time it was shot, not the hi end strip mall we see today). I have "shotgun Natalie" for that early taste of the gutter life, the epitome of shock RAWK, I still remember it vividly. That was the moment i realized that sometimes its not the talent that gets you the shine, its the shock of the rock and the rage in the cage. I mean, we watched the whole video, and clearly Mr. Allin was not much of a technician, but he sure knew how to create a vicious spectacle. I think he also shot himself, during a show once, dude was deranged. RIP you crazy fuck.Here's a link GG ALLIN and the Jabbers "Don't talk to me" - LIVE FAST DIE.



Something tells be Tonetta77 writes from experience, definitely a raving maniac of sorts, like a made-for-YouTube GG Allin (minus fecal matter). Check the link if you really need some backstory, I think the video is sufficient. His YouTube account has been shut down numerous times. That's marginally gangster, I guess? Shock Schlock. HA


Ruff Cuts :: Remix, Reuse, Re-edit, RECOUP (I like alliteration)
teeny for rando

the effects of getting ICED (this is the first/last time i endorse this "icing" phenomenon, sean kinney killed it on his born day)


okay, so maybe it took more than some smirnoff ice to get him to this point (PPP)
Classic Mets/Yankee fans at the Subway Series. Talking shit all game, know your baseball, fan. Great game, Santana beat CC (series later evened out at NYY. GOMETS)


DROP THE LIME "Sex Sax" :: City Spiced Summer Jamz X Saxamaphone

Drop the Lime — Sex Sax from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

It's hot times in the city in the new video from the homie, DroptheLime (trouble&bass), a testament to the sinful/sweaty seductress that is NYC during the dawg-days of summer. Chock full of guest appearances by NYC locos, from badmon 77Klash to digi-designer (co-founder of Fool's Gold) Dust la Rock. The video is drenched with summertime sex - gotta love a pervy P.I. rocking a trenchcoat, shades and a saxamaphone (all summer essentials), don't you? DTL dropped this flick at the perfect time, just as the summer takes hold, and the streets get spicy - the track as infectious as an African strain of malaria. As all the locals know, when the city heat breaks 80 degrees, the streets and their inhabitants get loco -HERE's a LINK to Download the fly SEX SAX (blujemz Remix) if you don't feel it, stay shady...

NINJASONIK "Art School Girls"