Notes on New York and other Grand Standing Rants (NEW YORK will NOT love You Back)

New York is dying for a comeback. After the great cultural vacuum of the 2000 era, when new york essentially became a charicature of itself - many will argue, but fuck it, this is my social theory (bozo). NYC just didn't have the edgy originality that made it epic in prior Generations - i blame many things for this, but most of it, it was that New York got dragged into the same jingoist patriotism that has always plagued much of our lands. I mean Osama is an asshole, and a sick fuck, and 9-11 was wack, but its end result was New York became a little more normal, more safe, more "centerist" (gross).
This flick reminded me of some club ish circa Tunnel - era (remember those needle-drenched clubs, Kidz) - probably because that was the last time I wore so much plaid (it needs to be re-retired). Some weirdo just popped his shades on me, flicked it up, gave 'em back, not my stee, sunglasses at night, just not a good look for grown folk (if anyone).
Unfortanately, It takes a LONG time to see any visible in NY. I mean change is possible, but said transformation takes a decade or so - maybe that's why they say "you're not a real New Yorker until you've lived here for at least 10 years" by "they," I mean other out-of-towners (craving identity or something) - I certainly didn't sign-off on that rule. New York is either in your blood, or you are a simply a resident of "The City." Being from here means less to me than it used to, as it should, some of the greatest New Yorkers originally came from somewhere else. It IS however a serious badge of honor(especially if you found yourself in the trenches of NY in the "roaring nineties"), this city can(and will) eat you alive, I've seen it happen, it's not a pretty site. The New York City Guild is always impressive, and we can always smell are fraud - well at least my peoples. Oh yeah, and this city will NOT love you back, get a dog.


ARAB PARROT - Squawk Hard LA to NY

..Always enjoy the Arab Parrot's view of the world... a diamond in the ruff-trade of sycophants and pseudo-socialites littering the blogesphere. Parrot just calls what he sees, raging with the cajuns and clowning on the abundant phonies littering the streets of LA and NY. This classic Parrot Original pretty much sums it up his, "Fuck you I'm doing me" blog stee ... peep his bloggery, some gems from Coachella (fuck flicks of lame indie-rockers performing with long-faces) Parrot schemes on the groupies and the grimeys. This Parrot Squawks like he Walks...


Money In Trashbags, Call that Garbage ...

Dining AL-fresco at The Gramercy
Rockstar Bar Bathroom = Art Project and Petri Dish All-in-One
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Los Mets Opening Day! Sports, Sports, Beer, Sports...

Damn Gord, Don't look so excited to be there. It was pretty fuckin early, in his defense. A little beer goes a long way on opening day...
that's Darryl Strawberry's little peanut head (I swear), and some old-timer.
Yeah America. GO METS
Home of the Mets (and Budweiser), not that I'm Mad at that...
Damn, he must have seen us lookin at him. Yeah Gord really looks like he asked for this photo op...
he must be looking for his dude in the banana suit. Gross.

...Because it was actually a great game. Mets beat the Marlins 7 - 1. D. Wright a hit an 2-run bomb (opposite field, dad) and the fun (and beer) just kept Flowing...GO METS.

It's Johan Santana's Town now (sorry Juelz. Are you dead?).