Another Message from the FACELIFT GANG...

"I Wanna Have Your Baby" - Team Facelift
Dir. Joshua Trank
Prod. Nick Gallo

I've been waiting for this to be internet ready for a minute. Definitely Facelift's edgiest video venture (to date), which is saying a lot - I'm into that. I'm going to let it breath for a second, as I feel I owe something a little more punchy than I'm capable of in this haze of haze that i find myself in at the moment.

Let's hope they make it to SXSW, because there just won't be the same level of insanity without them, at least for this guy...


Wheatie's Takes a HIT after Dumping Doper Phelps

It turns out smoking pot causes excessive cereal consumption (surprised?). The Huffington Post recently reported the Kellogg's brand has taken a bit hit (not of the sticky, I assure you) after vigilant potheads (go figure) banded together in a nation-wide ban on Kelloggs cereals - in a rather pathetic (and effective) show of solidarity for fellow stone-a-friend, Michael Phelps. Personally, I could give a shit if the guy is smoking the greens in the off-season, he's a grown-ass mer-man. Also, his full sweep of Olympic Gold medals is a pretty good indication that the pot hasn't stunted his motivation. Kellogg's should just be glad their Golden Boy got caught "ripping bing-ers," and not running a dog fighting racket, or getting all jacked-up on "the clear." Luckily for Kellogg's, most of the long-hairs involved in the ban will probably forget that they pledged their allegiance to said cause by the time of their next trip to the Supermarket. Or, when they find out Rice Krispie Treats are made with a Kellogg's cereal.

For the reported version with actual quotes and such; go to Huffington Post

Or, Check the NY Post's amusing musings on Kellogg's and their Potted Clientele


Happy Birthday to le Fat Jew


Don't get it twisted, intolerance is definitely NO laughing matter (sooo, '99), but there IS something decidedly hilarious about seeing such vulgar words on a Birthday Cake, especially when its the same Carvel Ice Cream cake you probably had at your 5th Birthday party. Just to clarify, it was the Birthday boy himself who scrawled this choice message on the cake. What you think that shit is funny? Well yeah, it is...

I mean, we have a Black President and the Oscar's just honored the life (and story) of Harvey Milk, loosen up a little.


Making More Memories with the TEAM (facelift) at Webster Hall - Beef Included


Team Facelift played a quick set at Webster Hall on Tuesday. It was definitely the most fun I've had in a minute - harkening back to earlier more degenerate (and darker) shows at the dawn of this new millenia. When it was certainly not uncommon to heckle (or pummel) some asshole in the crowd who felt like popping shit, these people usually have no sense of humor, making for easy targets. Also, we always have some goons on layaway, so usually these altercations just make for some fun at some washed-up turkey's or neva-has-been lunatic's expense. At the end of the day, the combined efforts of a packed crowd, a couple bottles of free (and cheap) vodka and some wildey new dance tracks, made for another moment in Facelift Histerectomy. You shoulda been there, but there's usually a next time.

- FONDA letting out a battle cry (apparently somebody heard it, i ain't sayin' no names...)




- Beef and I hold down the Flank, just in-case the Riff raff steps outta line. I don't think any of us are getting shot tonight, which is always nice.


As per usual, i was on bottle-brandishing duty, snapping pict-chas and warding off evil doers (what i do best). Facelift is shining right now, braising some fly new funk in the cookerie and priming themselves for the spring touring season. We get colder in the winter months, so we can ignite in the summer sun.


City-Slickin' Bass Fisherman, Yeah That's Me...

I am crushing it on the Angler's INN website...

I go down to Mexico to fish for Bass in the dead of the New York winter, it's a great pass time (thanks, dad). Little did I know when i we first went to the Angler's Inn, five years ago, that it is LITERALLY the best place to fish for Bass in the entire world. I digress, check out the burn i got this year on the Anglers Inn website. This "City Buoy" is writing fishing reports and shit...

Maybe this is how I can earn some money in this haggard economy, i mean, the Japanese love this Bass Fishing, and they are SOO cutting edge, aren't they?

I'm trying to go pro, but only in the winter time, it's warm where the Bass live. I'm trying to keep it country in the winter months...



I'm pretty sure this is that young knucklehead Shaun White. He's so cute...

The Red Bull Snowscrapers event on Thurs. was pretty crazy, though addmittedly it was so fucking cold that i spent half of my time there on a Booze Cruise party ship, so i missed some of the action. Though the boat provided warmth from the frigid outside, and innumerable open bars, so i'd say i was thouroughly entertained throughout, good looks REDBULL, and the city of New York (i guess?). I did take a couple flicks of contestants (if i was getting paid i would probably list each of the riders, and talk about what sort of jumps they did of this massive kicker-hip on the East River Park) going "big".

Shaun White placed 6th, though still goes home to one of his appointed manses, and probably some snowbunny (or a redbull girl?). A dark-horse contestant from New Jersey Shayne Pospisil (im sure his name has been misspelled a lot in the past few days) and took home 50 K! I'm not mad at the kid, that money will go a long way in this economy, maybe he can get himself a proper website (what a stoner).

Here's a small selection of Photos from Snowscrapers



I was pretty cold (somewhat frostbitten) and bit "out of sorts" when i shot all this stuff, so im not sure who this is, but he's got some serious air off that jump.

Kudos to the unknown soldier...


- "I'm on a Boat..." mothafucka (it was SOO cold out), so's this dood i guess...

You kinda have to love Red Bull for having the resources (and balls) to do these ridiculous (and awesome) events around the world. I wanna see them do that Flugtag shit through the streets of Harlem next...?


"Boss Time" is now OVER; Back to the Business of Making my own Memories


Sometimes I find myself wandering through the streets of New York with a camera late at night, scouring the City for visual artifacts. In an era where grass-roots marketing has moved to the web, some people, like this industrious photog (advertising in a Union Square phone booth), are holding on to the old way of spreading the word. Or, maybe he's on to something, as the city is strewn with low-rent creatives looking for a big-break. Maybe this break actually CAN be found in a photobooth. Luckily, this is not what I am looking for, and I honestly can't remember the last time I used a pay phone.

God, I am SO glad that I am NOT an actor. I prefer the DIY mentality of the artiste/muckraker I am fast becoming...


It's....BOSS Time!!!

I have to say, watching Bruce Springsteen rock out the Super Bowl with the reckless abandon of an aged teenager it made me realize how he might be (as has been so well publicized) the ideal schlock-God for the global community of Meat-lovers watching this EPIC machine of an event that is, le Super Bowl. Really, he had that audience eating out of the palm of his blue-collar hands his after one shriek of his gruff howl, and I'm certainly not mad at it. Springsteen is the American Rock Icon who deserves such a beer-embattled raging audience as found at the Super Bowl, and he DEFINITELY knew what to do with said crowd.

Also, as much as i might not LIKE to admit it, he's probably one of the best ambassadors we (as an Americans) have going in the music world at this point. I mean, you find me someone with anything even remotely derogatory to say about "the Boss" in question? - then punch him in the mouth. The Boss puts on a damn good show in his twilight years, and sure as hell beats Cisco or Fuckin' Paul McCartney (were they SERIOUS?)

I'm not saying i listen to this so-called "boss" with much frequency, but i definitely have moments when Born to Run is JUST what the doctor ordered (don't front, you fucking music geeks...) Honestly, who can really argue with the merit of his Hit-Factory? Check out "born in the USA" if you're feeling nostalgic. EPIC 80's schlock done to poignant perfection.

Stevie Van is also the Boss in my mind, talk about a man of many hats (no puns)...